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How do you find the cause of a death of an acquaintance in Canada? Is there any public record that stores this information?
I cannot answer any questions related to Canada. But it may be similar to the US- where this information is usually held at the health department of each county. There is usually as state-wide Department of Vital Statistics where copies of all death and birth certificates eventually are kept for long term.
Are there any details yet on Adrian Lamo's cause of death?
According to journalist Matthew Keys, who obtained a copy of the redacted police incident report, Adrian Lamo was found dead by officers at his apartment in Wichita, Kansas, on March 14.Although the coroner is investigating, Keys said that apparently “there is nothing suspicious about his death.”Keys posted a link to the Wichita Police Department report he received on his Scribd account (red callouts are mine):The non-redacted text indicates that there was “no witness”. Although the report date is posted as March 14, there is another report “Start Date” of March 7. It’s unclear what the earlier date refers to.Edited to add: The police report, under the Incident Offenses and People sections, mentions “Dead Bodies (plural) Found”. Adrian Lamo’s name is listed here along with three other lines that have been redacted, so it is unclear if this will turn out to be a bigger story than it initially appeared.Edit 2: As per this report (h/t Joan Hoffman), someone who knew Lamo said he died alone on Monday, March 12 and was found by friends who checked in after he didn’t respond to calls. It may well be that the redacted names belong to these friends.
How do I find out someone's cause of death?
Death certificates are a matter of public record. Go to the court house of the county where the person resided (or maybe died) and explain to the clerk who you need death certificate for, where they resided or died, and the date of their death. You may have to pay a nominal fee. They will most likely direct you to their computer data base. If you are not marginally computer savvy, take someone with you who is. Then, if you want a copy, you will have to go back to the clerk , pay another small fee, and they will give you a copy then and there.If you live too far away to go the the county court house, then call them and ask them what to do. The cause of death will be written on the death certificate. It can be changed from the initial call to something else, so be sure and check to see if there is an amended certificate.PS. I just read the answers and see that this varies from state to state. What I wrote is true for California and Colorado. To see how your state handles the death certificate, call the county courthouse in the relevant county. You can google this.
How can I find out the cause of death for two of my close friends who have become deceased recently? They both died of natural causes. Are coroner records available? How can I access them?
Question: How can I find out the cause of death for two of my close friends who have become deceased recently? Are coroner records available? How can I access them?Technically yes, there would be coroner records, and they would be available. Though I’m sorry to say that in all likelihood, unless you’re the executor of your friends estates, you probably will not have legal right to them. If you’re curious about their cause of death you could ask your family about what the cause of death was. But I would cross that bridge carefully.For the most part (as far as I’m aware of) you need to be “intimately” (for lack of a better term) connected to the person for whom you’re trying to obtain records.
If you had to choose the way that you would die, how would you choose for it to happen?
My Mother passed away in November, at the spritely young age of 84. She was as sharp as a tack and had all her faculties, and other than a problem with COPD for a few years now, her local medical centre and the doctors were always very impressed with her health. She was able to keep mobile and fairly independent up until the middle of last year, when she was taken ill with a severe and rapid onset bout of pneumonia. I called the doctor immediately, and she was taken straight into hospital for a short while, until she was well.Once back out, things went on as normal for a couple of months, until she came down with what we thought was a tummy bug. At first, the doctor gave her antibiotics, and we waited to see what would happen, but a couple of weeks later, things weren't improving, and she was becoming noticably dehydrated. Another doctor came round, and recommended she go back into hospital. This was the first week in October.I drove her over, and she was admitted. Sh was stabilised and a few days later had the results through of her tests. The prognosis was not good. Her only worry was to make it to my daughter's 22nd birthday three weeks later. (Mine was a only a few days after she went in, but that was of secondary importance..lol) She made it to my daughter's birthday, and we both spent a lot of time up at the hospital keeping her company. Due to her condition, she couldn't eat anything, and after her fluids were stabilised, she refused any further drips, and just sipped water. (And the occasional mouthful of sherry...not to worry, it was noted on the charts, 25ml 3 times daily...seriously. The consultant was great)Over the next few weeks, she became weaker, but still in good spirits. More and more, she would nod off for a short while. About a month after she was admitted, I was up visiting on Saturday 7th November, and sat while she snoozed for about a half hour after I arrived, and then a couple of hours later, she was getting tired again, so I said that I would be up on Monday, as I had business to attend to. We said our goodbyes, and I left, as she started to nod off again, as she was watching a film. I headed home, and on the Sunday, a short while after noon, I got a phone call from the ward, to say that she had passed away. Apparently she was awake and comfortable earlier, then went for another nap and never woke up. After the initial problems when she arrived, she never needed pain relief, and never had any real bother. She left the staff quite bemused because she knew exactly what to expect, but was never really up or down. (She used to be a nurse herself)I had wanted to be present to sing her off with an old lullaby that she used to sing me as a baby in German, (she is Austrian), but I did this when I came up to see her on the Sunday, to say my farewells.At the end, she was in good spirits, and was comfortable, and I had her assured that me and my daughter were okay, and all her affairs and ours were well in order, and there was nothing to worry about. She simply went for another nap and never woke up, after a long and eventful life. In the weeks leading up to that, we had plenty of opportunity to say everything that needed saying between us. If I get anywhere near that sort of exit, I am not worried, and will be very contented indeed. BTW, in case anyone is interested in the film she was watching, she found it very amusing , and had a few wee quiet giggles during the bits she saw. The title? "Death Becomes Her".This is the last picture I took, not realising it would be the last. I hope I look like that when I go.
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