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Death Certificates public records Form: What You Should Know

PDF) The New York State Division of Motor Vehicles issue copy of death certificates without any of the following: Birth Certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or infant death certificate. The certificate must be certified by a certified death inspector licensed by a state board of examiners. The certificate may be on an expired copy of the record, or it may be a photocopy of the original. The New York Department of Health must issue a certified copy of a deceased person's Certificate of Non-Fatal Cause of Death issued under New York State rules without any of these: Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate,  infant death certificate, or certified copy of an earlier version of a death certificate (no Social Security number/address required). The death certificate must also have the county in which the death occurred and a mailing address, but not a telephone number. The Department of Health must issue a certified copy of a deceased individual's Certificate of Cause of Death (Cold) issued under New York State rules without any of the following: Birth certificate, divorce certificate, infant death certificate, or certified copy of an earlier version of a death certificate, and no Social Security number or address is required. For an individual whose record is open and in the custody of the Department the applicant must provide a letter from a certified death investigator, physician, health inspector or court stating in detail that there are no missing information regarding cause of death and without an additional fee; and must also submit information regarding what information is missing and how the cause of death was determined. The required information may include an applicant's name, Social Security number or address where the person resided, date of birth, sex, state or county of death, cause of death, facial description, place of death, method of injury. Applications for copies of the listed death certificates should be made to the New York State Department of Health, Room 714, One Washington Square, 3rd Floor, Albany, NY 12.

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Instructions and Help about Death Certificates public records

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