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How do I deal with the emotions after finding out my baby is a stillborn .I am 36 weeks and 6 days and waiting for labor to start?
*hugs* It’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of support.Find someone to talk to. I suggest a therapist, because this is long-haul grief. I lost my daughter at 28 weeks 17 years ago, and I was just thinking how crazy it is that I still look in baby carriers as if I’m expecting her to be there. She’d be 17 now, not a baby. And still I look. Wtf.I suggest a doula. Loss births can be gross, okay? Kyrie’s birth smelled terrible and I was very ill. (But she’d been dead for more than two weeks.) Your partner might not be up for this and s/he may be grieving, too. Get someone you can yell at if you need to yell. I accidentally called my mother a bitch during Kyrie’s delivery and she refused to come out for any of my other births. A doula doesn’t mind if you yell. Or at least, she won’t hold it against you.As for the emotions….I’ll be frank. I don’t *remember* the month to six weeks between January and April-lish of 2022. I remember bits. I know my husband literally bodily tossed me into the shower a few times. I know he fed me a few meals. He had to cook them, too. We probably lived on Taco Bell. Like I said, I don’t remember. I spent most of my time curled up in our bed, sobbing my brains out. Or writing. So much writing. If I wasn’t writing or crying, I was asleep.Take a friend with you when you go out anywhere. Your friend’s job is explaining why there is no baby. Everyone will ask. You will NOT make it through even the grocery store without breaking down, anyway, so that friend will be your rock. She may have to drag you from the produce department past some other pregnant chick whose eyes you suddenly long to claw out (do not undererage. it is coming and you will feel it.)You will randomly cry for years.You may develop a hatred of certain cultural events and things. I, for instance, can’t listen to some music that was popular in 2022. I just can’t. This sucks, because that was a good year for Matchbox 20. But they played Last Beautiful Girl on the radio like nonstop, and now I can’t hear it without feeling sad.The Whatifs are coming. “What if x caused my baby’s death?” I struggled to find some reason Kyrie had massive birth defects (and Down’s) and something to BLAME. There was nothing. I pinned it on so much (parvo, for instance, from my sister in law’s spouse’s unvaccinated dogs.)In many cases, the Whatifs are the worst part of loss. You can’t quiet them. They have to run their course. They can make you sound and feel totally nuts.And of course, the big Whatif: “what if my baby hadn’t died?”I have part of a “perinatal hospice” draft. It might help. It might not. It is definitely not medical advice, nor is it medically accurate or anything. It’s just what there is of Kyrie’s life and death. You can read it here, if you want.Perinatal hospice manu
How do I fill out the risk certificate for the SSB?
Look up in the call letter!There will be an appendix regarding that, just get it filled by your parents/guardian.If you don’t have the call letter , download it from :Join Indian Army.
How possible is it, with today's technology, for one to fake one's own death?
Very Easy…Faking one’s death can be very easy if done correctly or can go drastically wrong, to fake your own death you would need the following:Money - A lot of it too (i would say $30,000 is sufficient).Close friends i.e., some friends/people whom you can trust.First I would just delete all my messaging apps and completely block everyone I know, then I would just throw away my sim card and remove any evidence of my online presence.Then (from a fake/friend’s account) I would send a report to all my social media service providers a request to shut down my account from further activity, and request the service provider i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to set up an obituary in my news feed. This would eventually get to all my followers and friends.With social media being taken care of I would then legally change my name and migrate to a country where nobody knows me, now comes the part in which my trusted friends need to play, they would have to set up a funeral service for me, set up memorial pages remembering me and so on.. then I would give them some amount from the $30k, which they will use to pay off all the debts on my behalf.I would then proceed to change the attributes of myself as much as possible i.e., my accent, get tattooed, grow facial hair, learn new language, and obviously change my nationality. Now, I will migrate again to a neighboring country to get rid of the paper trail of my previous flight.(Think of neighboring countries where you can freely travel from one country to the other, e.g.: travelling within Europe)Once all that is done, I would then proceed to apply for an odd job that would pay just about enough which will cover all my expenses. Fast forward 2–3 years, by now I will have created new social media accounts and have a completely new identity.And that is how you would fake your death - Easier said than done.Cheers!! :D
Will American life insurance companies accept death certificates from countries/municipalities that are known to sometimes manufacture fake death certificates for money?
It may depend on the policy, the way in which a DC may have been faked, what other evidence of death is available.Many, perhaps most policies in the US have a 2 year contestability clause. After 2 years, the facts surrounding the death do not matter, only the truth of the death. If the underwriter is not willing to be satisfied based on a certificate, that death has occurred, they might demand other evidence. And the beneficiaries might sue the underwriter. So the courts would get involved.Of course, the issuer of the fraudulent DC will want to be paid. I am going to guess that the beneficiaries had to pay them up front. So they are out a lot of cash, waiting for a claim payment that is tied up in court, and may never happen. At best, it won’t happen quickly.While the insurance company is trying awfully hard to not only avoid paying, but to actively accuse them of fraud. Sending them to prison.
How do you fill out a certificate of authorization for a drone?
We get asked this a lot at Lumoid, and wrote a blog post just for this purpose. Here it is: Understanding the Basics of Drone Rules/Regulations
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