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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing find death certificate

Instructions and Help about find death certificate

Today we're going to talk about what you can do once you've already tried looking for an obituary if you've looked for obituaries in your local papers and you just cannot find the obituary you feel the person probably didn't have an obituary and you want to know what the next step would be after that so what we're gonna suggest is that you try to get a copy of the death certificate so in our website here you would start by going to the Reference Center and when you scroll down you can see the webliography is on the left and you and the webliography for genealogy is going to be under history and today we're going to look at a few sites on the ordering vital records now today we're going to be looking at death records but of course vital records would imply birth death marriage or divorce records and then you see the sites come up on the right and to start with we're going to look at this California death certificate link and this this is an important page because it shows you all of the different fields that you would find on a typical California death certificate in addition to the information on the decedent you can see in these fields here which includes information on the cause of death burial information etc you also want to look down fields here 28 29 and 30 you can see the name of the surviving spouse and the spouses middle name and last name which is often what people are looking for when they look for obituaries you can also find this person here called the informant you see an informants name and relationship the mailing address the resident city or town and that is important because the informant is the person who gives the information for the forum and that person is usually a blood relative or a neighbor or a friend or somebody and often that person might still be alive today so you might be able to get in touch with that person and of course there's more information here that you can find as I said the you can find the place of death the place of final disposition disposition date this is what happens to the body after the is in other words is the person buried or is the person cremated that sort of thing if you wanted to find that out now we're going to show you a few places to go to how to order a California vital record this link here is for California vital records this is the Sacramento site that has records back to July 1905 and when you click here you can look at the you can copy excuse me you can print out the forms that you would need for the birth and death records there are PDF forms that you can print out and mail in to get a copy now.