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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing who can get a death certificate in texas

Instructions and Help about who can get a death certificate in texas

Welcome to tech sever this video is intended for funeral directors in this video we will learn how to complete some of the most important sections of the death certificate the information on demographic tab one is some of the most commonly amended information so we ask that you take your time and complete this portion as accurately as possible let's get started after logging in select the death tab this will take us to the depth module of tech sever click function and then demographic data entry tech sober will let you know if there are records in your queue that have passed the statutory filing time to begin a new record click the new record button in the top left hand corner we begin by verifying that a death certificate has not already been started for this decedent enter the date of death type date of death and social security number if the social security number is not available select pending and enter it before filing the record you may enter an EDR medical record or medical examiner's case number if applicable next enter the decedent's first middle and last names then enter the decedent's date of birth and gender Tech's upper will ask us to enter the information twice to ensure data quality finally select the place of death type and then the place of death if an existing record is not found you will be able to start this new record after creating a new record complete the remainder of the demographic one tab enter the time of death type the time of death and the time of death indicator next enter the decedent sex maiden last name if the decedent is a woman age units and age we will then enter the decedent's birthplace if the decedent was born outside of the United States select the box that says please click check box to filter countries only enter the county and city of birth finally when the deceit social security number becomes available change the social security missing variable and enter the social security number click Save and then click OK you now know how to complete demographic one tab in text ever.