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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing death certificate new york

Instructions and Help about death certificate new york

I want to talk to you about an Apple steel for the state of New York for a death certificate so you will start with a death certificate here's a sample if it's from the city of New York it will typically come with the signature of Stephen short this signature is very very common let me show it to you if you certificate has this signature it's very good you know Stephen Schwartz once the document see in other states you can go directly from here to the Apple still but in New York you need an extra step which is to get a document certified by the County Clerk so the death certificate from New York City signed by Stephen Schwartz then gets taken to the county clerk and the county clerk is gonna issue a certification let me just turn this around so it makes a little bit more sense so here you have that Audrey the County Clerk its certifying the signature of Stephen Schwartz now the signature that is on the Apple still it's Audrey's signature not Stephen Schwartz so you go from Stephen Schwartz to Audrey and from Audrey to the Apple still so you have an apple still issued by the Secretary of State certifying Audrey County Clerk and Audrey the County Clerk is certifying the signature of Stephen Schwartz we get these questions a lot and I hope this clarifies the process thank you Music.