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Instructions and Help about Death certificates online

Pleased to welcome you here today as we announce what we know will be a useful new online service the vital statistics division of service Newfoundland and Labrador has developed online access to allow people to quickly apply and pay for birth marriage and death certificates at any time from anywhere within internet access the visual statistics division registers and certifies all life events births marriages and deaths as a result of government's commitment to prgreater accessibility to services online and through the efforts of the dedicated staff at the vital statistics division residents of the province and those Newfoundlanders andaba dorians living elsewhere can now enjoy the convenience of requesting these certificates online without having to physically visit a government service center or apply through the mail or by fax we are confident that this will have a positive impact on the already busy daily lives of Newfoundlanders and labrador ians it will be of benefit to those who are applying from another province or who are perhaps otherwise unavailable during regular office business hours as we will now demonstrate the new service is easily accessible at any time from service NL's departmental website from there users are guided through a simple step-by-step application with online payment allowing clients to complete the full transaction within just a few minutes the certificate is then mailed free of charge or can be courier to the applicants residents for an additional fee let's take a look at the process first we will begin by showing you the navigation from service NL's homepage to the online or e services page simply click the e services tab at the top left here you will find all of the online services available to the public from various divisions of service and L you can see offerings from the motor registration division consumer and commercial affairs and of course our vital statistics division we can see here at the top of the list is the new birth marriage and death certificates feature click this link here we have the land land landing page for the online application process it provides some basic practical information before beginning such as a heads up that in order to proceed users will need to have pop-up windows enabled in their web browser and some additional contact information should they require assistance during this process now let's start the application process by clicking on birth marriage and death certificates this page informs users of the payment options available to them as you can see the application accepts visa mastercard or online interact payments the page also provides a quick overview of the four-step application process ahead we're very proud to be able to make another key service more accessible to Newfoundlanders and labrador ians this builds on our work to improve service to our vital statistics customers a major step being our January 2022 announcement of the bundled birth registration service for parents of newborns I'd like to thank.

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