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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to obtain death certificate online

Instructions and Help about how to obtain death certificate online

Okay so this is how you get a death certificate online so all you need to do is to go to NSO online or I'm sorry and it's Oh helpline dot pH slash order - now and just click the option that certificate after that you will be routed to the next page so it will ask you what do you need the death certificate for so there are a bunch of options right here cleans benefits loans for you as Embassy Australian consulate yada yada but basically most of us get I mean most of us would like to get this that certificate because you need to do file a claim or benefits from SSS or something like that so I just need to click on that and then all you need to do is just to put the information of the person in the death certificate so let's see right Rizal so this is just for the purpose of this tutorial we're going to just use other names and since we don't know any of you know some factual people who died or something so just use any other names and just fill out the information here for the details of the death make sure that these information right here are actually correct information of that person and the details of the death okay just click on continue and then it will ask you have you had any of the following done that a death certificate so basically example of these are correction of entry court hearings in supplemental but if your if the death certificate is actually if it's not complicated at all so they can just click on none and then who will use a death certificate so let's say we can just put any other name okay so maria nissan anyone here in this category can can claim this --that certificate if you order this online so spouse father mother son daughter god grandparent grandchild or something like that so you could just say grandchild submit and this portion here can just click you can just actually see all the information that you entered under previous pages and also you will need to enter that your information prvalid and accurate contact information should there be any concerns with your application we will use these information to contact your sopia's air and uh so we'll be contacting you just in case there is a need for them to do so okay so just put your information here email is actually very important because they will send you the reference number through the email for the delivery address you need to pra valid delivery address this is where your PSA certificate will be delivered so again I'm just doing this doing or entering some nonsense gibberish right here cuz this is just where the purpose of the tutorial estimation or we just have something in there so that we can proceed to the next.