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Good morning doctors welcome to admin podcast on CHS clinics medical certification of death is a very uncomfortable situation for doctors to make this difficult topically simpler we have with this senior CMO and in charge of one of the busiest Wellness Center in Pune dr. bonita Koscheck dr. Cheikh was to retire this year but thanks to our government her expertise will be available for under five years so welcome back dr. Kashi hello friends let me begin this session by first thanking dr. HUD gain and expressing my appreciation for the great initiative taken by him medical certification of death consists of two parts one is the death certification and the other is the cause of death registration of births and deaths acts 1969 provides the legal backing for this certification it requires that the death be reported to the local authorities within a period of 72 hours and any medical practitioner who refuses to or neglects to issue the certificate would be punishable with fine up to fifty rupees now we come to the actual certificate let us follow this a patient is examined by a doctor and he is declared he or she is declared dead which is relatively simple now the next step is divided into two sections one is the manner of death on the left-hand side if it is a natural manner of death and the patient has been examined by the doctor in the last 14 days and the cause of death is known the medical certification of death may be issued the other section deals with unnatural deaths if the doctor has not examined the patient in the last 14 days and the cause of death is not known we need to inform the police and a medical legal autopsy will be done and only then can the certificate of death and cause of death be issued how do we define death death is the complete and irreversible stoppage of circulation respiration and brain function the causes of death are many and it is defined as the disease or injury responsible for starting the sequence of events which are brief or prolonged and which produced death now we come to the classification of the cause of death it could be either the immediate cause or the antecedent cause and other contributory causes we can also talk about the manner of death the mechanism of death aperiod is defined as the time between a lethal occurrence and death now let us look at the causes of death the first thing as we look on the certificate is it says the immediate cause immediate cause means the disease injury or complication which caused the death not the mode of dying such as heart failure or asthenia and here we fill up part a of the certificate Part B is the antecedent cause which is any morbid condition which gives rise to the immediate cause and here we write the disease which.


For my 7 year old son, how many insects across the world would die in one hour?
Great question--I hope you get an accurate answer! I think the most likely response will be 'countless' because there are so many insects in the world and no-one's filling out death certificates for them!Perhaps your son will be interested in this information about how many different species of insects there are:Numbers of Insects
How can Ariel Winter be a "licensed gun owner" when California doesn't issue or require licenses to own a gun?
I live in Calif and purchased two handguns over the last three years. I took the Firearm Safety Test and was issued a certificate (not a license) proving I had passed the test. I then filled out the background check form, paid for the guns and waited 10 days for the check to be completed and then came back and picked them up. There is no license for firearms in Calif. Howevr……that doesn’t mean your ownership is completely hidden. The FFL salesperson/retail store must keep a record of the sale and your ownership. This is a traceable ownership. When a gun is manufactured the company (Ruger for instance) establihes its ownership of that gun. When the gun is shipped to the FFL retail store the ownership is transferred to the store but Ruger keeps a record of where it was shipped. When the FFL retail store sells the gun to me they must then keep a record of who and where it was sold to….and so on for each sale/trnasfer. This is a way the gun can be traced if ever need be but there is no government agency that keeps record of my ownership. If I am wrong on this I would like someone to please correct me.An example - My DIL’s father passed away two years ago. His residency was Nevada. He wanted her to have his 9 mm (Taurus I believe) as a memento from him. The gun had to be taken to a Nevada FFL dealer who then filled out the paperwork to make a transfer to her who is a resident of California. She had to show a death certificate, I believe. the gun was then shipped by the Nevada dealer to a Calif dealer (selected by her) and when it arrived she was notified. She then went to the dealer and retrieved the gun. She did the transfer legally and proper. What people don’t talk much about is the hand over as a gift of a decedants gun to a friend or family member. Traceability of the gun is mostly lost at that time. I believe there are a huge number of these untraceable guns in the US.
How many Nazi war criminals were prosecuted for murdering disabled people after the war?
The "Doctor's Trial" was held at Nuremberg in 1946 - 1947 prosecuted a number German officials and doctors involved in war crimes.The trial included defendants involved in the Aktion T4 program, the euthanasia program that killed children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. Defendants Viktor Brack, Karl Brandt and Rudolf Brandt were involved in the setting up and running of Aktion T4. Brack, Karl Brandt and Rudolph Brandt were convicted, sentenced to death and executed.Victor BrackKarl BrandtRudolph BrandtOne of the organizers of Aktion T4, Philipp Bouhler, escaped justice: he committed suicide after being arrested.There wasn't any coordinated effort to track down and punish the doctors and medical personnel involved in carrying out Aktion T4. For one, the subsequent Nuremberg trials, including the Doctor's Trial were an American initiative and by 1947 there was increasing pressure to turn over prosecution of war criminals to German authorities and declining enthusiasm for a really broad and thorough accounting for war crimes.There was another means of identifying and punishing war criminals: under the Allied Control Council, German citizens were required to fill out a questionnaire detailing their activities in the Nazi regime. Those that admitted to war crimes, or participated in proscribed organizations (Nazi party members, SS members and others) could face punishment, from loss of professional certification, fines and jail time.It would have been easy for doctors and administrators to avoid consequences of participation in Aktion T4 under the de-nazification program run by the Allied Control Council.If they weren't a Nazi party member or in the SS, it is unlikely that their questionnaire would have received much scrutiny.If they were living in outside of the American occupation zone, they might have avoided filling out the questionnaire, only in the American occupation zone was the questionnaire broadly applied and even there is wasn't universally filled out.But the biggest reason was the euthanasia program itself. Aktion T4 was deeply secretive. Medical records were kept but causes of death were falsified. The selection process for victims was covert. We still don't know the full extent of the program and can't always identify victims from contemporary German records.The USHMM has a good summary of the euthanasia program and Aktion T4:Euthanasia ProgramChristopher Browning’s The Origins of the Final Solution covers Aktion T4 in detail.
How would an executed prisoner’s death be recorded on their death certificate? Death by hanging, or something more vague.
I have handled a judicial execution in my 30+ years as a Funeral Director. It is one of the very few cases I have not seen. But these are my general thoughts:Here in Texas, there is both the cause of death, and the manner of death to be certified.The manner of death will be one of only 6 choices:Natural causesAccidentHomicideSuicidePending investigationUnknownOf these, the only one that fits is “Homicide” That term by itself does not declare whether this was legal, or illegal.The “cause” of death is different - that is where things like “blunt force trauma” or “pneumonia” are listed. With a following line of “due to: ____” (there can be a number of these things in a chain.)with that, it depends on how exact the certifier chose to be.“exact medical result of the drugs used” on the first lineDue to: “injection of these particular drugs”Due to “court-ordered lethal injection” may be on the nextI would expect something of this sort, but again, I have not filled one out. This is speculative, based on my experience with death certificates in general.
With 4 million dead people on the voter rolls, why are Democrats fighting so hard to make sure this is not corrected?
It’s probably because it’s not really a problem. The democrats are not “fighting to keep the problem of dead people on the voter rolls from being corrected”, and it’s dishonest to represent what they are doing as such. They’re concerned it’s a ploy to justify rigging the vote in the GOP’s favor, with good reason. The question asserts they are, which is a claim that deserves proof (which I also note, the question does not furnish). At best, this is a Straw man claim put there to misrepresent the real concerns they have.In reality, dead people on the rolls isn’t much of a problem, and concerns that it is appear to be efforts to justify partisan tinkering with the process. In a population with ~330M voters, it’s not unexpected in any given voting year for a couple percent of them to be dead, nor is that a sign that the system is vulnerable to them voting fraudulently. It’s a little like noting ominously that 40% of all work absences fall on either a Monday or a Friday! (those two days are 40% of workdays, it’s an expected distribution, not evidence that people are slacking or that something suspicious is going on). People die, they move from place to place. Their names end up lingering on the rolls, where they tend not to be a problem.Voter roll maintenance is a regular task for those who keep the rolls, and the integrity of that process is something we should not take lightly.What Democrats are fighting against is the well-documented and pervasive efforts the Republicans have taken to suppress democratic votes. Programs like CrossCheck have been shown to purge democrats from the voter rolls at higher rates than republicans [The GOP's Stealth War Against Voters]. It doesn’t target actual voter fraud, in effect it suppresses partisan voting while (ha, fraudulently) masquerading as program to fight fraud.The question of voter fraud has been raised repeatedly before, and the evidence seems to show it’s more rare than being hit by lightning. At the same time, the evidence strongly shows that partisan efforts to suppress voter fraud have disenfranchised far more people than were committing voter fraud. In other words, the “solution” to the “problem” is worse than the problem was in the first place- or better put, the “problem” is a manufactured one, whose sole purpose is to justify disenfranchising minority voters.
How do I fill up PF Form 10C?
How to fill Form 10C?To download Form 10C from the EPFO website, please click here.You can take a print out, and fill it up. Or you can get it for free from any EPFO office.The application has to be directed via your last employer. If that organisation has ceased to exist, you have to get the form attested from an authorized official.In case of online download of form, both the employee and the (last) employer have to sign each page of the form.Instructions for filling Form 10C:The form consists of 4 pages.The first page covers details like –Name • It very important to ensure that the name is exactly as per EPFO records.Date of birthFather’s name and/or husband’s nameEmployer addressPF account numberJoining date with employerReason for leaving and date of leavingFull addressThe second page covers details like • Particulars of family • This has to be filled by those applying for a Scheme Certificate.Particulars of nominees Mode of remittance • This is required for those applying for withdrawal, and can be left blank if applying for a Scheme Certificate.Date and signature.You have to fill the third page only if you have taken any advances against the account.The final section and fourth page is for the administrative authorities, and so you don’t have to fill it.Note • There should be no cutting/overwriting in the form. If there are are corrections, they must be attested.Additional DocumentsYou need to submit the following documents along with Form 10C:A cancelled cheque.If applying for a Scheme Certificate, date of birth certificates of children.Re.1 stamp if applying for withdrawal benefit through a bank.If member is deceased, you need to submit a death certificate, and succession certificate of legal heir.You can read about it in more detail over here -Form 10C: How to fill to claim EPFO benefits. - Ask Queries
How would a Florida resident transfer a Michigan gun owner’s pistol to a Washington resident? The Michigan owner is deceased and both people are his heirs. The gun is in Michigan. The Florida resident will visit Michigan.
The Florida resident should take the gun to a Michigan gun shop - actually any FFL owner. For a fee, he will mail your gun to another FFL owner - gun shop - in Washington. You will have to know the Washington FFL owner’s FFL number and his address ahead of time. The Washington FFL owner or gun shop will also charge a fee. Fees are typically about $25. You will need the full ID of the Washington resident - name, address, SSN, driver’s lic. no., phone, birthdate, etc. The Michigan gun shop might also ask for proof of ownership - a death certificate and will might work. When the gun arrives in Washington, the resident there is notified and has to go to the shop to pick it up where he will have to fill out forms and make the proper ID. You should know that they will probably do a serial number check on the gun to see if it is wanted or stolen. Most gun shops do this but not all. You’ll have to look around at both ends. If you know a private person with an FFL - like a gun collector - then they may do this without the fee. Most gun shops that do this can give you more details or local laws.
When a transgender person dies, does the coroner fill out the death certificate under their natal sex or gender identity?
In Spain, there has generally been a push to simplify the process of legally changing your government identified gender. It no longer requires that you have medical surgery to “change” your biological gender appearance. You generally need a psychologist or psychiatrist to make a statement that you have gender dysphoria, that this condition has existed for a while and is not going away. The process has also been opened up to minors. As part of the process to get your official documents changed, you can get a legal name change including last name if I recall correctly. This process of name changing is generally otherwise next to impossible to legally do in Spain.Once the process is complete, you are identified by that gender across all your government documents. You have a full legal entitlement to be referred to as that gender, and you can lodge complaints with the government about discrimination should you be intentionally misgendered. I’ve looked around for specific documents referring to death certificates issued in Spain, and issues for trangeneros and transexuales. I just cannot find anything in any BOE that specifically addresses this narrow point. The best I can find are anti-discrimination laws related to health that says you cannot be discriminated against for any health services you request, and you’re legally entitled to all health services for your gender. (This is on top of other services that are often offered on the local government level specifically for trangenero and transexual individuals in assistance with transitioning.)Death certificates in Spain can be requested for the purposes of rectifying the sex of a deceased individual. In requesting a death certificate, gender is not a field. (And they have both mother/proginator 1, father/proginator 2 on their for the deceased person’s parents. Gender neutral and gendered for the parents.) The 2022 law that I found about sex on death certificates says the wording was changed to sex at birth, where it was originally just sex. (But this sex at birth is changed if you go through the legal process to change your registered gender is my recall.)The issue is it is unclear how many people have taken advantage of this and how many have not. An ein 2022 put the number of people going through the process at around 3,000 but that many more were likely to have gender dysphoria but have taken no steps to address this through channels. There were 800 people in Madrid in 2022 who took advantage of the law to seek to get their gender changed on their government ID. Spanish sources appear to indicate that around only a third of transgender individuals are out. Many fear getting the legal name and gender change and perceived finality of the decision as it relates to transphobia and legality of being your identified gender: there is no backing out at that point.This gray zone area is not adequately addressed to explain fully the legal consequence for the gender on a death certificate of someone who has not started going through the transition process for whatever reason. I am under the cultural impression that the death certificate holds less cultural and legal significance in Spain than in a place like USA, which may explain the lack of info.
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