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This is a comment from copper Aborigines regarding the Pope letter June 10th 2022 and Bahamas just woke up thank you for your support the right copper every averaging is right can you read this on PBS broadcasting everyone has never heard about this letter it would be a great would be of great importance that this letter be heard by every American not just on YouTube we have a responsibility to bring to light what's going on in on going on it 2022 what's going on what's going on in 2022 five years have passed since this letter came out and it's just being read by you in its full content good job sister but it needs to be reached to all our people how can we help so every air can hear this letter being read thank you for that copper aborigines I think you just share it within your own little email group or your family your friends just you know send it to them and because that's pretty much what we have to do until these mass media corporations get leaned and those entities are moved out of office and we can reclaim our media globally we have to just basically share information within our own group and just each one teach one as we go along now they sent me a video from Judge Sharon Tracey Gayle Bay yesterday which was sharing this law u.s. code it was about three one two eight thirty one u.s. code three one to eight proof of proof of death there she's saying to go and research that law but that law is is like a word that you have to connect it to some other information because the way that they've explained it here online you guys notice that the information on Google and on the Internet has become like it's it's almost like it's being downgraded it's not as helpful as it was before if you guys are finding that let us out here because we might have to go after them as well too for that 31 USC u.s. code 32 3 to 3 1 to 8 proof of death to support payment a finding of death made by an officer or employee of the United States government authorized by law to make the finding of sufficient proof of death to allow credit in the accounts of a Federal Reserve Bank or accountable of the Department of the Treasury in a case involving the transfer reissue Redemption or payment of obligations of the government including obligations guaranteed by the government by which the secretary of the Treasury acts as transfer agent I think what this is referring to is you know the birth certificate that were given was really a proof of death certificate and they they created the so-called nom de guerre straw man as a result of it right so it was registered at 55 Ward Street and then it was placed on.


How can I obtain Japanese citizenship?
Great answers by Dick Karp and David LaSpina.I can only add my two cents of knowledge to their insights.The first thing: citizenship and naturalization are two different matters.You can only get citizenship if you were born from Japanese parents, AND being registered within 3 months with your local Japanese consulate.AND when you reach 20 years old, it's mandatory you choose whether lose your local citizenship or your Japanese citizenship.Should you not make a move, you lose your Japanese one by default.On the other hand, you might be naturalised Japanese (i.e.: become a non-born Japanese with a permanent visa) if all these criteria are met:- you're living for at least 5 years in Japan- you're at least 20 years old- you can read, write and speak Japanese fluently- you are willing to go through writing exams and interview processes- you have professional skills and $ to support yourselfEvery case is examined and weighed individually. Say, if one of your parents is Japanese (Japanese-born), the Ministry of Justice may wave the age and residence requirements. But again: it is a case-by-case process.Sources:Japanese nationality lawI want to become a Japanese nationalMany angles to acquiring Japanese citizenship | The Japan TimesAlso, I went myself to my local Japan consulate and talked with them.
How can Ariel Winter be a "licensed gun owner" when California doesn't issue or require licenses to own a gun?
I live in Calif and purchased two handguns over the last three years. I took the Firearm Safety Test and was issued a certificate (not a license) proving I had passed the test. I then filled out the background check form, paid for the guns and waited 10 days for the check to be completed and then came back and picked them up. There is no license for firearms in Calif. Howevr……that doesn’t mean your ownership is completely hidden. The FFL salesperson/retail store must keep a record of the sale and your ownership. This is a traceable ownership. When a gun is manufactured the company (Ruger for instance) establihes its ownership of that gun. When the gun is shipped to the FFL retail store the ownership is transferred to the store but Ruger keeps a record of where it was shipped. When the FFL retail store sells the gun to me they must then keep a record of who and where it was sold to….and so on for each sale/trnasfer. This is a way the gun can be traced if ever need be but there is no government agency that keeps record of my ownership. If I am wrong on this I would like someone to please correct me.An example - My DIL’s father passed away two years ago. His residency was Nevada. He wanted her to have his 9 mm (Taurus I believe) as a memento from him. The gun had to be taken to a Nevada FFL dealer who then filled out the paperwork to make a transfer to her who is a resident of California. She had to show a death certificate, I believe. the gun was then shipped by the Nevada dealer to a Calif dealer (selected by her) and when it arrived she was notified. She then went to the dealer and retrieved the gun. She did the transfer legally and proper. What people don’t talk much about is the hand over as a gift of a decedants gun to a friend or family member. Traceability of the gun is mostly lost at that time. I believe there are a huge number of these untraceable guns in the US.
Where can I get the form for migration certificate?
Migration is issued by the Universities themselves.The best way is to inquire your college they will guide you further.In case you happen to be from A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical Universityhere is the link to get it issued online.Hope it helpsStudent Service (Dashboard) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (Lucknow)Regards
What is your craziest US immigration experience?
As many of you know, the process of acquiring a student visa (F-1 visa) to the United States is nerve-racking for Indian families. Having gone through four years of college, graduating with a good GPA along with multiple summer research stints/internships, then applying to several US universities at considerable expense, and finally being rewarded with an acceptance letter from a respected school, Indian students are sometimes rejected from entering the US at the final hurdle—the visa interview at the US embassy.I recall the buildup to my interview four years ago. Many of my friends had theirs scheduled before mine, and they scared the bejeezus out of me recounting their horror show interviews involving scores of questions from grim interviewers with piercing glares boring into their souls trying to catch out any hesitation in their answers, any possible untruths.My parents did what any self-respecting Indian family does before their kid heads to an interview—they took me to a temple. And not just any temple—they took me about 1000 kilometers north of home to the searingly hot city of Baroda, Gujarat, to visit one particular Hanumanji temple (apparently this was our family God in our family temple, goodness knows why, we’re Tamils from Chennai—and I’m an atheist!)So after much prayer and puja, blessings from family members and well-wishes from friends, I stood outside the US embassy on a cloudy, muggy, summer day, shitting my pants under the narrow canopy that automatically opened over the street when it rained (a nice touch there, ‘Murica).My stomach churned as the line slowly moved forward. My heart leaped into my mouth as I passed through the gates, only to be confronted by armed security guards who proceeded to take away anything I had in my pockets—pens, coins, paper, etc.Please don’t take my clothes too, please don’t take my clothes too, I prayed silently.The guard gestured at my jeans. Resigned to my fate, I started to unzip them.“What are you doing?” he asked, amazed. “Just take off your belt and pass through the scanner.”….Finally through the gates, I was taken aback at how simple the next room looked. Then I understood why—it was just a queue room. A room for this damn queue.Half an hour later we passed into the Interview Room. People lined up in front of about a dozen booths, each with a White Man or White Lady inside (must be the Americans, I thought fearfully, please let them understand my accent).The room was air-conditioned. I was sweating.It was large and airy. I gasped for breath.Now I was in front of one of the White Men. He beckoned me forward.He smiled at me evil• no, pleasantly • it was a pleasant smile!“Hi there, how’s your day going?”He greeted me • what do I do? Is this part of the interview? Oh no, I don’t have an answer. Smile. Smiling is good. He won’t hate you if you smile.I smiled. He waited.Oh shit, he asked you a question. Answer it, jackass!“OH IT IS—you’re too loud, dolt—going well”, I whispered.He didn’t hear that last bit, but he nodded as if he did.“May I have your I-20?”“Here it is,” I breathed.He stared down at it for a minute. Then—“So, you’re going to Purdue?”Say yes, don’t say yup. And don’t shout.“YUP!” I shouted.“Ok then, you’re good to go” he said, stamping my passport.“What?” I yelped, staring at him in disbelief.“You’re good to go, sir, your application has been accepted.”You mean after all that stress you didn’t ask me a single question? Not one? Why?? Are you crazy, man? I even lied about my day, it was shitty as hell, you should quiz me on it! Make me grovel for that visa, like the bastards I know you interviewers are!“Good luck with your PhD, Mr.Raman, and enjoy your stay in the United States of America.”“Thank you,” I replied, my throat catching.I was going to America courtesy this senile interviewer. Thank you Hanumanji!
I have friends from the South that adamantly argue that there were black regiments fighting for the Confederacy. Is that true?
Once upon a time in a land that was not very far away a US president decided to wage war against the southern states of America.Using a trivial casus belli as an excuse he deployed Storm Troopers of the 101st airborne who faced down the troops of the ANG and then fixed bayonets prior to storming the local school.​​​​​​That president was Eisenhower and of course by "storming the school" I mean the soldiers escorted seven children to school. But they really did have to fix bayonets and face down the Arkansas National Guard.​​​​​​​​Realising that they lost yet another war certain gentlemen, I'll call them Mr Lost CauseS , and his Son, O.T. Confederate opted to change tactics, so they ditched their long time buddies Karl K. Knap and Jim Crow.They decided that the best way to rehabilitate the perception that they were a bunch of angry, hate filled, bigots was to "prove" that the people their ancestors supposedly owned as "slaves" liked being human chattel. That they didn't just like being slaves, they loved being slaves so much that they volunteered to fight and die for their right to be owned! Enter Mr B. Token.So Mr Lost Causes and his Son, O.T. Confederate bestowed the title of Historian on themselves and went about searching for tombstones and pictures. Every time they found a tombstone of a "negro" who happened to die during the period of of the civil war they retroactively conscripted him as a Black Confederate. They even abducted entire regiments of African Americans who were Union soldiers.​​Black Confederates (ignore fact they're wearing Union uniforms)​​This is a perfect example of how "historians" conscript African Americans into the Confederate army. This death certificate use to be commonly cited as proof of black Confederate soldiers and it convinced many people. Jacob Spellman was born in North Carolina in 1846, he was clearly marked as being a "colored" American and it's also noted that he was a soldier.BAM we got us a Black Confederate!We even have his service paper proving he enlisted as a private in Feb 1865 in the North Carolina 14th USCHA regiment which was right about the time period when the CSA legally allowed for the conscription of "negroes".​But there is only one problem, the North Carolina 14th United States Colored Heavy Artillery was a Union regiment formed from freemen. They were definitely blacks, they came from a Confederate state but they fought for the United States of America.Or take this​This is the tombstone of Wade Childs. Looking at this you would probably see the CSA engraving and think he was a soldier. Except he wasn't, he was a "body slave" who served a Confederate soldier. His original tombstone was "lost" and needless to say his great great... great grandkids were somewhat surprised to find out that grandpappy had been drafted…​When this picture 1st surfaced it was cited as an original source. It still gets pretty good circulation but there is just a tiny little problem.​​The original popped up and the guy to the left is a Union officer and those "Black Confederates" turned out to be Union volunteers from Philadelphia.This pattern repeats itself over and over. From known slaves whose masters forced them to wear uniforms during pictures to fake tombstones to even worse, real tombstones of real men. Real men who fought and died for the Union only to be forced to fight for the Confederacy in death.I find the Myth of the Black Confederate to be particularly loathsome. The American Civil War was a large conflict and it's very possible that there was at least one black man who of his own accord fought for the CSA, stranger things have happened. We know that even the SS had at least one Jew, although Hitler personally made him an honorary Aryan. (I'm dead serious you can't make this shit up.)Edit. It seems that the question I was answering was merged into this one. Some of the material posted here made more sense in the context of the original question that was about individual soldiers vs units.
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